Arsenia Morados

Arsenia Morados

Arsenia Morados

December 14, 1932~July 01, 2024

Arsenia Q. Morados, 91, of St. Petersburg, Florida passed away July 1, 2024 at her home surrounded by her family. Affectionately known “Inang” she was a loving and dedicated mother, grandmother and great grandmother. 

She is survived by her eight children: Herminia (Reyes), Nilo, Lauro, Jose, Edna (Cabiling), Lolita (Bennett), Rodel, and Eleanor (Cicos); ten grandchildren, three great- grandchildren, and many other relatives in the Philippines. 

Funeral Mass will be Celebrated in Our Lady’s Chapel at the Cathedral of St. Jude the Apostle on Saturday July 6, 2024 at 9:30 am with interment to follow at Calvary Catholic Cemetery.


Funeral Mass

Our Lady's Chapel at Cathedral of St. Jude the Apostle

  • July 06, 2024
  • 9:30 am
  • Email Details
  • 5851 5th Ave. N.
    St. Petersburg
    Florida 33710
  • Interment to follow at Calvary Catholic Cemetery


Lolita Bennett

July 3, 2024, 8:44 am

Inang, I love you. I will miss you every day. Thank you for being a good mother. Your upbringing made us all successful. You taught us to be resilient and tackle life with fortitude. I can only imagine your challenges raising the eight of us; I will never forget the joke of questioning you, “Who is your favorite child?”
I love you. Rest in peace, Inang.💔💔💔💔❤️❤️❤️🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Lolit and Mark


July 3, 2024, 10:43 pm

Lolita, thinking about you and your family and wishing you peace.



July 5, 2024, 9:36 am


Marilyn Kincaid

July 5, 2024, 3:11 pm

Lolita, you and your family are in my prayers. May God bless you.


Zeynep Cicos

July 5, 2024, 11:17 pm

lola, i love you so much and miss you so much. you will be missed everyday. thank you for being an amazing lola and caring for me and loving me unconditionally. i will never forget the memories we made together. even the smallest things you have done for me meant the world to me. you taught me to always be a good person and you were such a strong loving caring and amazing person. you will always be in a special place in my heart and i will always be thinking about you everyday. i love you so much rest in peace lola💔


Emrah Cicos

July 5, 2024, 11:34 pm

Dear Inang,

Honestly, it is very difficult for me to write this note to you this evening. I am filled with deep sadness as I come to terms with your recent passing. To me you weren’t just my mother-in-law, but someone I really loved and cared for deeply.

I cannot express enough how grateful I am for everything you did for our children Zeynep and Ceren. From the moment they were born and as they grew up, your love and guidance played a vital role in shaping their lives. Your presence brought immense joy and happiness to our home, and we were always overjoyed when you stayed with us in Virginia.

I am also very thankful for the gift of my wife, Eleanor, who you gave birth to and raised so wonderfully. You instilled in her the values of respect, kindness, and raising her as a wonderful human being. Through your teachings, our children also learned important lessons in manners and embraced their heritage.

Your memory will forever be etched in my heart. I will hold onto the precious moments we shared, and the love we experienced as a family. I will always remember your smile and the love you poured into our lives.

As we say goodbye, please know that you will be deeply missed. Your absence will be felt in every corner of our lives, but we find solace in the beautiful memories we created together. As I did always, I will continue to pray for your soul and keep your spirit alive through the stories I share with our children.

Thank you for being a remarkable mother-in-law and for blessing our lives in countless ways. I am so grateful to have known you and to have had you in our lives.

With all my love, respect and aching heart,

Your son in law
Emrah Cicos


July 6, 2024, 2:43 pm

Lola, I will miss you so much and you will always be in my heart forever you are so important to me and mean so such to me. My birthday won’t be the same without you because are birthdays are only a day apart, but I know you will always be by my side you are the best birthday gift I could ever wish for, I don’t think I want a birthday party if its not with my very best friend. You have always showed me unconditional love and always put a smile on my face. And I will always remember are memories together you have been there for me through thick and thin and I will always be there for you too. I hope you know how much I love you and how dear you are to me you will forever be in my heart Lola I love you so so much


Felicity Akanno

July 8, 2024, 9:48 am

my prayers and condolences to you and your family. May her humble soul rest in peace.

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