Steven Lewis

Steven Lewis

Steven Lewis

April 14, 1949~August 14, 2022

“I lost my dad on Saturday night. He outlived all the doctors and experts that gave him 3 months to live, way back when… he was resilient and tough! We had to make a big life change recently moving him in with me to Florida; he handled it like a champ!  He was looking forward to the beach and fishing and most of all a bit of peace! Peace from the noise of the world, listening to music and sitting on my lanai.

Dad was a Vietnam Veteran and a Purple Heart recipient. His Airborne Unit was one of the first sent to Vietnam. He was 18 years old when his boots hit the ground. His life was forever changed when he came home. His health problems started in his early 40s from the war. He suffered from PTSD his entire life.

His sacrifice was enormous.

He deserved the quiet and peaceful passing of his spirit while he slept!

Love you Dad! Thanks for all the things you taught me and for always being a solid presence in my life!”




August 19, 2022, 8:09 pm

Love you grandpa! We’ll take care of grandma while you wait for her on the otherside. Say hi to Jen for us.

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