Valentin Lugo

Valentin Lugo, 73, of St. Petersburg, passed away December 29, 2020 at Northside Hospital.

Who was this man….?

A great carpenter, a fisherman, a father, and a teacher. This is the story of a man who lived life his way and did not apologize for it.

As a young man, he made many mistakes, especially with his loved ones; however, as he aged, he tried his hardest to amend his past mistakes, not with words but by his actions.  He was a man that enjoyed telling jokes and drinking beer, a man that cherished time with friends and was willing to help you build or fix anything. A man that loved the ocean and was a skillful fisherman.

Near the end, he reconciled his life with God and was blessed with a peaceful death.

He will eternally be missed by his four sons Jorge, Manuel, Luis and Jomar; his sister Nery, other family members, close friends, and many loved ones that he left behind.

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