Lana Casamajor



Lana Marie Casamajor, 49, of Pinellas Park passed away March 14, 2019 at Hospice Woodside. Mrs. Casamajor was born in Oak Lawn, Illinois and was a homemaker. She is survived by her loving husband, Eddy and family.

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Dr. A
1 year ago

In memory of Lana Casamajor,

I only knew you for a short period of time but you were a strong person in a scary situation. I will never forget writing “loves harry potter” on your board and being able to make you smile in a place like the hospital. I hope where you are there is harry potter to watch or read. I will never forget you and you family. Finally, I wish where you are is peaceful, pain free, and comfortable. For your family, I wish them strength.

With care,
-Dr. A

thomas sporleder
1 year ago

there are times in life when things happen and a large part of your life is taken away. that part of my life is my daughter Lana…I knew her for the good , strong and courageous person she was. I know that her whole family feels the same way and that part of our lives will never be the same without her.I will always have her in my heart and thoughts.. A loving Father…

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