Don Callahan

Donald V. Callahan, 90, of St. Petersburg, Florida passed away November 28, 2018. Mr. Callahan was born in New York City and was a philosopher, revolutionary and beach bum. Don was a devout old Roman Catholic and  lived his life to its' fullest. He was interred at Calvary Catholic Cemetery.

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Patricia Bildz

Don Callahan-Proud member of the “Sunset Five”! I miss you.

Linda Foss

lifelong friend and godgather of my daughter, christened in 1963. Missed and loved always.

delphine herbert

Donald, I’m sorry you never wrote your memoir. People need to know that you were indeed a man of courage and conviction during the sixties and a militant for peace and justice always. Hope you and Vincent and Dale are having a great time regaling one another as you sail through the cosmos.with your beloved parents quaffing a toast to Danny Boy.

Linda Foss

lifelong friend, godfather to my daughter. Forever loved, forever missed.