Dioscora Parido


Dioscora Bacatan Parido, 90, of Pinellas Park passed away June 9, 2020 at Northside Hospital. Mrs. Parido was born in Calbayog City, Philippines​ where she owned and managed several retail stores, rental properties and agricultural lands. She is a member of Sacred Heart Church and is survived by her 

  • 2 daughters, Florida Laquian & Amancia (Amy) Mancol; 
  • her 6 grandchildren(John, Lynne, Leah, Liza, Karen, and Kit) and 
  • 4 or 6 great grandsons (Nixon, Kyle, Edwin and Kevin as well as Mason and Jackson).
  • She was predeceased by her husband, Julio Parido; her parents, Catalino & Juliana Bacatan; daughter, Editha; sisters, Lucila, Germana & Cristina and a brother, Rodrigo.    

Due to WW2, Dioscora's education was cut short. However, with only a 6th grade education, Dioscora was able to learn several languages and dialects, and seamlessly took over the reins of a successful business when her beloved husband, Julio, passed away too early.  ​

Their successful grocery, “Parido’s Store” provided a livelihood for countless family members back home.  Parido’s Store sent Amy and Flory to college but Lola did not stop there. If you were a college student working at Parido’s store, you not only had a job but your tuition, uniform, room and board was taken care of.

Dioscora was a very classy woman, with a sophisticated sense for fashion and jewelry.  However, she never forgot her modest roots and always gave back to her hometown Calbayog City through donations, helping students, building a rural community chapel, and sponsoring the annual hometown fiesta. Dioscora had a heart of gold and she helped people in any way she could.

​Dioscora was a devout Catholic , a member of Catholic Women’s League and an original founding member of Sacred Heart Parish’s Santo Nino committee.  She had an unwavering work ethic, running her business from the US after she moved to help raise her grandchildren. We wouldn’t have grown up as the men and women we are today without her.   ​

We’ll remember that he was always singing, and in recent years her favorite song was “You are my Sunshine.” She loved to eat Nachos Supreme and often asked her grandkids to drive her to Taco Bell. Dioscora was an avid gardener of orchids, roses, along with fruits and vegetables. She truly had a green thumb!  Her other hobby was watching action movies… Chuck Norris, Steven Segal, Jackie Chang were some of her favorite leading men.

Her family and friends will miss her, but we are grateful for the long life she lived.  We love you dearly, Dioscora Parido, Lola, Nanay, Ma, Mama and Na Diosing .  Maraming Maraming Salamat Po.  Thank you for everything!!

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