Connie Brown

Connie Joy Brown, 73, of St. Petersburg, Florida passed away on July 29, 2018. Mrs. Brown was born in Carthage, New York and was a certified nursing assistant. She is survived by her very large and loving family.

Memorial Service in Her Honor: at Taylor Funeral Home on Friday August 3, 2018 at 6:00 pm. 

I don't even know how to start.. My mom was the greatest person I knew.. Sure she was pain in my butt..but she was only paying me back for all the times I was a pain in her mom had a strength like no other..she gave me some of her strength when I was born.. She was told that I wouldn't survive very long because how early I was and how tiny I was..I just had so many problems going on..but my mom had Faith in me and she gave me  to strength keep fighting..and to everyone's surprise 4 months later I was released from all children's hospital.. I owe my life to my mother..not just because she gave me life but because she gave me hope and strength..I need her to keep giving me that...I know I will get through this with her help and the love and support of my friends and ..mother had so much love for everyone inside her tiny body. She would love you No matter who you were or what you have done. Her beautiful smile would light up a room and make you smile no matter what mood you were in...

I have comfort in knowing that she is with my father, grandfather, daughter and brother... May they all rest in will forever be in our hearts and will be missed everyday...

I love you mom to pieces💜...Your loving daughter, Amber Rae.

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Sharon Lee Downing

Connie my little sister you will be missed by alot of us down here but we know you aren’t in pain anymore. You are with the love of your lives skip dad jeff your granddaughter billy and Leon.Till we meet again we will miss and love you. your big sister sharon