Audrey Virginia Hess-Reale

Audrey Virginia Hess-Reale

Audrey Virginia Hess-Reale

May 28, 2022

Audrey Virginia-Hess Reale passed away on May 28th, 2022. She fought long and hard, and with her family spent the last five years of it loving being an amazing grandmother, mother, friend, sister, and example to many. She is survived by her two sons Philip Reale and Raymond Reale, her daughter-in-law Maggie Reale, her Grandson Benjamin and her siblings Marianne Hess-levine and Jimmy Hess.

Audrey was born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, October 1951. She met my father, David, in college and they went on to become the first married Clinical Perfusionists in the country. They helped pioneer open-heart surgery. She and my father moved into a rowhome in Philly, and onto New Jersey in the first house I can remember. In Jersey my brother Raymond was born, and shortly thereafter we moved to St Petersburg, FL. There we grew up and also lived in homes in Pinellas Park and Largo, FL. My parents took us to the beach a lot. I remember playing in the golden sand of Treasure Island as some of my first memories of Florida. My mother was a devout Catholic and stayed true to the Church throughout her life.

She was a very compassionate, kind, selfless, spiritual individual. She loved her husband, sons, daughter-in-law, grandson, sister, brother and friends with all of her heart. I called her my Lamp Post, because in the darkest of times I always had something to hold onto, a beacon of light in the storms of life. We affectionately called her “Momoose”. The last years of her life she spent as a grandmother to my son Benjamin. These I think were some of the happiest years of her life, helping heal a bit of hard times and catching up on time where she felt like a ‘working-too-often Mom.’ I was proud of her, she withstood many challenges. She had a spirit of titanium and her last days were spent surrounded by family and friends.

She died peacefully holding the hands of her sons. May the Lord hold her in His hands, and may we see you again one day Mom. You were the best, best ever. You touched the lives of so many, thank you for being my Mother and bringing me into this world. God bless you all, especially her sister and friends in the last days. Hold your loved ones close this year, this Christmas. Every moment is a blessing.


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Sacred Heart Catholic Church


Helen Wyrwas

February 17, 2023, 3:46 pm

Dear Philip and Raymond,
I send my love and condolences to you and to the Reale and Hess families.
I apologize that this condolence is so late.
I went to high school with your mom. Audrey and I kept in touch off and on over the years.
I still have her voice message on my home phone which she left a couple of years back.
Audrey was always so kind to me and very thoughtful, remembering me from high school as somebody special which was way beyond what I deserve.
She sent me photos of your Dad and her, and later of you two and her, and also a photo of Benjamin as a baby.
She also took the time to explain to me about essential oils and even mailed oils to me here in MD.
We reconnected when my step mom who lived in St. Petersburg and Audrey went for training for the Census Bureau. Audrey remembered the last name Dampf and mom gave her my address and Audrey wrote to me. (After the training, my elderly stepmother decided not to work for the census since it required too much travel and some night visits.)
Anyway I called your mom’s number a few times this past year but the calls did not go through and I called today and it was disconnected so I knew in my heart that your mom had passed to Jesus. Audrey had been praying for me. She was going through a lot and yet she thought of me and prayed for me and for my family .
I am sorry for your loss. Audrey knew her life led her to eternal life with our God. She was a beautiful example of faith and hope and charity.
May the love of God sustain you, may the peace of God be with you, and Jesus’ promise of eternal life comfort you in your time of sorrow. May God bless you with His love. Sincerely, Helen Dampf Wyrwas

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