Funeral Services


At Taylor Family Funeral Home & Cremation Center, our goal is to make a difficult time less stressful. That is why we offer you a variety of options regarding funeral and cremation services. This includes your choice of locations and cremation containers. Plan an appropriate farewell ceremony with funeral and cremation services from our mortuary in Pinellas Park, Florida.

  • Traditional Funeral Service—Families who wish to have a traditional funeral service, including a viewing using a rental casket with cremation to follow, may do so. The service can be held in our chapel or your church.
  • Direct Cremation & Memorial Service—Families who wish to have the body cremated shortly after death, without having a viewing, may choose to have a memorial service, with or without the cremation memorial present.
  • Night or Weekend Services—With cremation memorial services, many families are finding that a service held at night or on a weekend is increasing in popularity.
  • Private Service—Ceremonies can be simple, contemporary, religious or secular. They can include selected readings, stories and poetry.
  • Funeral Home Chapel or Church—A traditional funeral may be conducted in the funeral home chapel or your church, with the services to be concluded at that time and cremation to follow later.
    Memorial or Remembrance Service—Memorial services may be conducted at the funeral home or your church. Other locations might include residential recreation facilities, community centers, or the deceased's home.
  • Graveside Service—Taylor Family Funeral Home & Cremation Center also gives you the option of a graveside memorial service prior to interment.

Contact our funeral home at (727) 545-9858 for funeral and cremation services conducted in a respectful manner.