Taylor Family Funeral Home

Taylor Family Funeral Home is the most centrally located funeral home in Pinellas County, Florida. We are located near Hospice Facilities, Hospitals, Cemeteries and remain under private ownership and management.   

Over the last 20 years or so, the funeral industry has been hijacked. It has been hijacked by corporations or consolidators, from New Orleans, Dallas and elsewhere. The "Practice of Funeral Service" has moved from its natural roots as a community based service business and been turned into to an expensive sales vehicle intent on separating you from as many of your hard earned dollars as possible. 

The folks that work at these funeral homes are nice people and the services and facilities are generally excellent, but their prices and the processes they impose, place a difficult burden on you and your family. Sadly, many of the old independent funeral homes have adopted similar practices.    

At Taylor Family Funeral Home, we're still in the "Practice of Funeral Service". We are proud to provide you and your family with affordable funeral & cremation services. Always have,  always will, and we are truly Blessed to do so. 

Thank you.    

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